Pros and cons of getting laid off

On December 22nd, I found out I was being laid off by Vignette Corporation. I suppose this should have been traumatic, but several mitigating factors made it bearable. It’s the aftermath that is infuriating.

Okay, so the timing was bad. Ready to leave for Oklahoma to celebrate Christmas with family and friends, I got the call. Our GM for the Transactional Content Solutions left a message. He had never called before, so I was pretty sure it wasn’t a good thing. I called back and about five words into it he mentioned the word “economy” … I knew what would follow. I was not shocked, though I was disappointed. The transactional content line became a passion for me. I had only been at Vignette nine months and they were not the products originally assigned to me. I had a sexy set of SaaS solutions to play with, but I saw hard ROI and marketable value in this set of “black sheep” solutions. (I still do believe in them, and if anyone knows some VCs with tens of millions of dollars to invest I would gladly try to buy that line and turn it around.)

After my notification, I received calls from the people to whom I reported. Neither of them had advanced notice and both disagreed with the decision to let me go. I later found out that the VP in charge of my group only found out a few days earlier and had no input on the decision. In other words, this was a true cost-cutting move. Somehow, it’s easier when you realize you are just a number. 

So, I have no job.

The pros? Time with my daughter, Willow, that I would not otherwise have had. Time to finally put together a blog. Time to spend evaluating what I enjoy doing professionally. 

The cons? Dealing with COBRA and the endless screw-ups in notifying insurance companies of continued coverage. Dwindling finances. Fighting an economy that has left dozens of other people applying for the same positions I want. 

Hopefully, I will be laid off long enough to make blogging a habit. (joke)

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  1. #1 by Imelda on February 10th, 2009 - 10:59 am

    At my last job, I had to work with Vignette. I went to the Austin offices for 2 weeks to learn and help with content ramp-up. I loved being in Austin but hated Vignette with a passion.

  2. #2 by contentmatters on February 10th, 2009 - 12:36 pm

    I guess coming from the days when Web Content Management meant writing your own in Perl, I have a respect for the Vignette products. Usability was never the strong suit, but that architecture scales like crazy.

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